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by admin on July 3, 2011

Make up with exSome people say fights actually strengthen a relationship, and once the couple kiss and make up, the relationship can change for the better. However, not all relationships are successful and sometimes one party makes a mistake that makes the other second guess whether they are meant to be together.

If you’re at a loss, here are 5 techniques that have helped people make up with ex girlfriends and ex boyfriends, and hopefully, these might also work for you.

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Keep Your Cool

To make up with ex lovers, it is important to think straight and never let your emotions take over. Most of you might think that being emotional is good, because you can overwhelm your ex with the love that you feel.

Sometimes though, things can get out of hand when you only rely on your emotions to solve your problems. Emotions can make people do crazy things and you’re more likely to have a restraining order than your ex back if you go that route.

Keep Them Guessing

An easy way to make up with ex boyfriends/girlfriends is to remain mysterious. If you keep pursuing them, you are actually putting them in control of the situation. If you are pursuing them, stop suddenly and remain silent – they’ll start to wonder if you’ve given up on them.

Then suddenly, out of the blue, send a message to let them know you’re thinking about them and that you’ll always care. Just don’t do the same thing for a long period of time. Remember, you want them to think about you.

Less mistakes, the better

What you do during the post break-up days is very important, as every action you make will contribute to the “make up with ex or not” debate that your ex lover is having on their heads. If you make even just a tiny mistake, it will give them confirmation that their decision to break up with you was right.

Do nice things for your ex’s family and friends. Don’t actively look for nice things to do as you will come off as trying too hard, just do them when the opportunity presents itself.

Say nice things about him/her

When a person gets dumped, it is often understandable for them to want to say bad things about the person who dumped them. For people who want to make up with ex lovers, this could come back to haunt them.

So if someone asks you about the breakup and how you’re holding up, saying nice things about your ex, specially if the person is a mutual friend. These words will reach him/her and may make your ex more amicable to making up.

Be specific about your mistakes

Forgiveness is the way for people to make up with ex lovers; but simply asking for forgiveness is not gonna cut it, specially if you’ve made the same mistake over and over again. Whether it’s because you don’t pay enough attention, or you always break promises, know exactly what you did wrong and give situations in which you were wrong.

This tells your ex you thought long and hard about this, and might be willing to give your relationship another go.

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