Arguing with Girlfriend

by admin on July 14, 2011

Arguing With GirlfriendA relationship is not a real relationship without fights. However, even if disagreements can help make relationships stronger, if you find yourself arguing with girlfriend frequently, then it might not be long before you two decide that it’s not meant to be. Disagreements are nice, but fighting always and over the smallest things is just bickering – and bickering is not healthy for a relationship. Below are some tips you can use to stop the bickering and be happier in your relationship.

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Never be mad at the same time

If you see she’s in a bad mood or having a bad day, keep your guard up. Arguing with girlfriend is never a good idea when she’s hot-tempered, even if she is the one initiating a fight. It’s never a good idea to be both mad at the same time; if she’s mad, try to stay calm and be more patient with her. In the same way, she should also give you special consideration whenever you’re in a bad mood.

Don’t stress about the small things

Arguing with girlfriend over the smallest things, like whose turn it is to do the dishes or whether to sleep with the lights on or off, is a waste of time and will only put unnecessary strain on your relationship. If you find yourself getting mad over something so miniscule, take a deep breath and allow yourself to calm down before facing your girlfriend. When you can feel yourself start to get mad, ask yourself first if it is worth the trouble. Most of the time, you’ll find getting angry is actually counterproductive.

Be more open about your feelings

A guy that keeps his feelings to himself can actually take his anger out on his girlfriend without meaning to. If something happened at work, instead of going home and arguing with girlfriend to lift the anger of your chest, stop by the front door and remind yourself that you love your girlfriend. Leave that anger for the workplace and when you go inside, you can tell your girlfriend how you feel. Knowing that something’s bothering you will make her more understanding if in case you get moody, and she’ll appreciate you being open with her about your feelings.

Stop bickering in its tracks

If you end up arguing with girlfriend frequently, take some time to examine your relationship and find out what exactly is wrong. Examine your last arguments, what they were about, and what you could have done to avoid it. You can also sit your girlfriend down and have a chat about your relationship. Try talking to each other without starting a fight, and find out what you can do to lessen the bickering, if not obliterate it entirely.

Bickering can make both parties frustrated and may make them second guess their compatibility with each other. Nobody wins when bickering ensues and both parties are hurt equally. It might be difficult at first, but letting it go when you feel like you want to start a fight can be good in the long run and makes you a better man.

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