Being Friends With an Ex

by admin on July 14, 2011

Make up with exWhile some couples do eventually get back together, many decide that they’re not right for each other and go their separate ways. There is also the option of being friends with an ex, as opposed to just forgetting them for the rest of your life, though most would find this option difficult. Although it’s hard at first, it is not impossible to be friends with your ex, specially if you were friends before you two became a couple – just make sure you want to start this friendship for the right reasons.

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After getting over the emotional roller coaster that is a breakup, you may come into terms with the breakup and understand completely why you two can never be. If you harbor no ill feelings towards your ex and feel like he/she is still important enough to be a part of your life, then being friends with an ex is definitely recommended. There is no greater feeling than being able to chat with your ex without grudges and below-the-belt jabs. Friendship is specially a good idea if you and your ex have lots of mutual friends or are in a situation wherein you’re likely to see each other most of the time. If you choose not to be friends with them, you’ll forever be looking over your shoulder in dread of bumping into them and when you do bump into them, you’ll end up feeling extremely awkward.

The only reason why people see being friends with an ex as impossible is because most people who do try, do it for the wrong reasons. You’ve probably seen guys wanting to be friends with their ex-girlfriends just so they could still be a part of their lives and they’ll gladly take anything they can get. Though this looks noble and romantic at first glance, it can be an uncomfortable and painful experience for both. For the guy, being friends with his ex who he still loves and still wants to get back together with will eventually mean he’ll see first hand how his ex is getting over him. This can get specially painful once the girl starts dating again. This situation is also difficult for the girl, who knows that he ex is still in love with her. She will feel like she’s not free to enjoy her new freedom because she does not want to hurt the guy and she has to end up sneaking around in case she wants to date someone new. Also, it may get uncomfortable for her specially if the guy expresses his feelings and comments on things about their relationship and getting back together again, even if he does so jokingly.

While the above mentioned situation may be innocent yet awkward, being friends with an ex just to get revenge on them is even worse. It is sad that a lot of people do this, because not only are they playing with people’s emotions, but they’re preventing both parties from moving on. Being friends with an ex just to get back into their lives so they could make them miserable is just unforgivable. Usually, the dumped party lies to their ex saying that they’re over the relationship just so they could become friends. Once they’re friends, the hurt party usually tries to make the ex jealous or feel guilty for leaving them. This is an unfortunate situation because the person doesn’t realize that although he/she is hurting, doesn’t mean their ex is not hurt as well.

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