Depression After Break-up

by admin on July 12, 2011

Why women dump menIt is normal for people to undergo the “depression after break up” stage, specially if they’ve been together for a relatively long time.

Depression has never really helped anybody, and has actually resulted in people doing things that they’ll regret later on.

So how do you deal with depression that comes after every break up so that it won’t hurt as much and you’ll emerge from it a better person? Read on to find out.

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The best thing to do to avoid depression after break up is to not talk to your ex. It is actually a very obvious advice, but one that people can’t seem to follow.

It takes a considerable amount of self-control to not contact your ex, specially if you felt wronged or have a lot of questions that you want answered.

Contacting your ex will just fuel your depression, because if you confront her, there would most likely be a fight and she will end up rejecting you again and saying things that will hurt you.

Ask someone to hold on to your phone for you, and if you can play video games on your PC without the internet, disconnect it first to prevent yourself from trying to contact her via email or social networking sites.

Another reason why you don’t want to be over the net while experiencing depression after break up is because it is specially easy to stalk your ex this way. It is also easy to hurt yourself, specially if she broadcasts your breakup over Facebook or twitter.

It will just hurt you if she says bad things about you, and it would hurt even more to see some of her friends’ responses and guys trying to flirt with her now that she’s single.

The best cure for depression after break up will always be keeping yourself busy. If you’ve always wanted to achieve something in your life, do it now. Whether it’s creating your small online business, learning a new sport, or taking extra classes, feeling like you’ve achieved something will give you self-worth and prevent you from pitying yourself, which comes naturally after a break up.

The things you do to forget depression after break up don’t even have to be meaningful. You can even just hang out with your guy friends (which I’m sure you weren’t able to do so much when you were with her), or play video games all day long.

If she was a health buff, start enjoying food that she forbade you to eat when you were still in a relationship. To simplify things, just enjoy your new found freedom.

Stash away all things that remind you of her, whether it’s her stuff, or stuff she gave you. You’ll never get rid of depression after break up if every little thing around you reminds you of her. If you don’t plan on getting back together you can even throw them away or burn them to claim a bit of self satisfaction.

If you do think you may get back together in the future, you can just stash it away or have someone else hold on to them.

Whether or not you have plans on pursuing your ex, it is important to move on from depression after break up first before planning to do anything. Even if you want to get back together again, you can’t do so successfully if you’re still depressed and emotional.

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