Getting back your ex girlfriend

by admin on October 12, 2011

Get back my girlfriendThey say that getting back your ex girlfriend, especially after a bad breakup, is far more difficult than when you courted and wooed her for the first time. While it’s easy to win a girl over and convince her to be your girlfriend, trying to convince someone who’s hurt and disappointed to give your relationship another chance can be quite a feat, especially for a person who doesn’t know how to go about it. It’s not something you can solve with trial and error either, because one mistake can mean losing her forever.

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Give your ex time and space

So what is the easiest way of getting back your ex girlfriend? Ironically, the best thing to do is to do nothing. However, this is more difficult for most guys because by nature, men are action-oriented and do simply wait and do nothing can be torturous for most guys. However, giving you ex time and space after a breakup is crucial if you ever want to win her back. Pestering her will only make you look like a fool in her eyes, and this will not serve your purpose at all.

Women think a lot after a breakup, and even if they may seem active and busy, there will usually come a time when they’re alone in their thoughts and they will have no recourse but to reflect upon the relationship. She needs this time to mull over the events leading to the breakup without your interference and intervention if you want to have a legitimate and open reconciliation. True, some women do succumb to their partner’s pleading, but getting back your ex girlfriend due to pity is not the way to go. It’s unhealthy and if she’s truly not ready, you’re just in for another breakup pretty soon.

Accept your mistakes and responsibility

While you’re on this waiting period, you should do some thinking of your own. Usually, during a breakup, there really is no single responsible party. Usually, both sides have their own faults and you should think about how you contributed to the breakup. Even if you think you did nothing wrong, your ex might think differently, and the quickest way to getting back your ex girlfriend is to own up on your mistakes and accept responsibility for contributing to the breakup. The reason why most couples never get back together is because they blame the other party and never see their own mistakes. Accepting responsibility will also make you look more mature in her eyes, which is an added bonus.

After that waiting period is over, it’s okay to approach her and try talking to her again. However, you must not bring up the subject about reconciliation just yet, as this might scare her away. Instead, just befriend her and try to spend as much time with her as she would allow. Once she feels comfortable with you again, getting back your ex girlfriend is a cinch.

Take your time to rebuild the relationship with her

Being friends might be frustrating when all you want is to get back together, but if you want to succeed you’ll learn to take your time. Enjoy the moments you spend together; instead of constantly thinking about getting back your ex girlfriend, be thankful about what you’ve accomplished so far and just live in the present. Women can feel it if a guy has another motive, or is trying to rush things, and might pull away if she feels pressured. By focusing on the time you spend together and the relationship you’re rebuilding, you might even learn new things which can help make your relationship grow stronger when you do get back together.

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