Girlfriend Wants Space

by admin on July 4, 2011

Girlfriend wants spaceNothing turns a guy’s world upside down than when his girlfriend wants space. Guys do it all the time because it’s their nature, but when it’s the girl who wants to take time off, it becomes a big deal. But is it a big deal?

Contrary to popular belief, girls also tend to want time for themselves. Read on to find out how you can cope with this situation if it ever happens to you.

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Don’t jump the gun

When your girlfriend wants space, it doesn’t necessarily mean she wants to break up with you. True, most time-offs have ended in break ups, but that’s only because the guy pestered their girlfriend when all their girlfriend wanted was some “me” time.Don’t jump to the conclusion that your relationship is in the rocks and don’t assume the worst.

Don’t do anything you’ll regret later on

Some guys, when their girlfriend wants space, tend to overreact. In their minds they’re thinking “Who does she think she is? I’ll make her regret taking a break from our relationship!”.

This leads the guy to do impulsive things which he will regret later on when his girlfriend comes back from her break. This could include flirting and even sleeping with other women, or saying bad things about his girlfriend to other people.

Don’t take it personally

The reason why most guys overreacted when their girlfriend wants space is because they take it personally. When they take it personally, it hurts their pride. They assume that the reason why their girlfriend wants a break is because they’re inadequate or something is wrong with them.

When your girlfriend is done with her time-off, talk to her and ask her why she wanted space. If it involves you, ask her what’s wrong and what you can do to improve yourself. Remember to ask her about it only after she makes contact with you again. Don’t pester her while she’s on her quiet time.

Respect her decision and let her make the first move

Although it’s hard to just take her word for it, there is nothing you can do but give in to her wishes if your girlfriend wants space. Allow her to make a move only when she is ready. Some girls still want to text their boyfriends every once in a while, but never initiate it and just wait for her to make the first move.

Give yourself some much deserved attention

Take the cue from your girlfriend and spend some time taking care of yourself as well. If your girlfriend wants space, it could very well be an opportunity for you to hang out with your friends more, catch up on the latest video games, and even travel a bit, if that’s your thing.

Your girlfriend wouldn’t want you to be depressed and doing nothing. Use the time wisely to better yourself or just to have fun. It will make the time pass quicker and will help heal feelings of resentment, if there are any.

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