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by admin on July 21, 2011

Why women dump menWhen you find yourself in a situation wherein your girlfriend wants to break up with you, it may be difficult to stay rational and think of a quick way to prevent it from happening, and fast.

A lot of guys, when their girlfriend says she wants to break up, become emotional and do irrational things like ask for pity, promise a multitude of things and bombard her with text messages.

These things are great – if your goal is to drive her crazy and lose her forever. However, if you want to stop a breakup before it becomes final, here are the things you need to do.

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Let it be known though that there are situations wherein your girlfriend wants to break up simply because she wants attention, and if this is the case some romance and pursuing will do the trick.

However, if you’re girlfriend is seriously thinking of leaving you, then you should avoid pursuing. This may be crazy but if your girlfriend wants to leave, then say yes.

Tell her your understand why she’s doing this and it’s okay. Also, verbalize the break up in whatever way possible. Ask her if she wants a “no contact” rule, or if you’d like to pack her stuff at your apartment and send it over to her house. By taking initiative you gain control of the situation and may make her hesitate whether she really wants to do this.

The reason is that sometimes, girls may think a break up is the best thing, but when they hear it being verbalized in such a formal way, they start to second guess themselves because it forces them to face reality head-on.

To make her change her mind, take control of the entire break up process by showing her what life would really be like without you. Reinforce the “no contact” rule even if she didn’t specify about it.

When you girlfriend wants to break up, she imagines all kinds of scenarios, but in most of them, she is in control. To combat this, turn the tables on her by not replying even when she is the one trying to contact you, specially during the first few days. This will make her see how life will be like without you. Once she is hit with a hard dose of reality, she’ll start to wonder what she got herself into.

Last but not the least, do not budge no matter what happens. She initiated the break up and put your emotions through a roller coaster ride, it only makes sense that she would be the one to come back.

It may sound harsh, but it is tough love. To gain control over a breakup, you must not fight her as she tries hard to gain control. It is not necessarily you she’s fighting, but herself and putting yourself in the middle of this fight would be disastrous. If your girlfriend wants to break up, relax because she might just have issues that need resolving.

If you don’t interfere and she eventually figures things out, she’ll realize that the problem was not the relationship but something else.

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