How Can I Get My Girlfriend Back

by admin on July 7, 2012

If you break up with your girlfriend, and you realize that it was a mistake, then you may run out and try everything you can to get your girlfriend back. However, in your desperation, if you do something that pushes her away even more, you may forever ruin your chances at getting her back. In this article you will learn 6 crucial tips that will help you avoid any deadly mistakes.

Tip 1 – Do Not Act on Impulse

Impulse moves are not a good idea when it comes to getting a girlfriend back. This is because your impulses are driven by your heart, and not your brain, so they can end up being full of intense emotion that scares your ex girlfriend away.

For instance, if you suddenly decide to call her and pour your heart out, then you may end up saying too much. Telling her how you feel is a good thing, but your intense emotions may cause you to offend her or make her upset.

Also, if she doesn’t respond how you thought she would, then you could end up getting angry and make the situation worse by saying things that you don’t mean to say. It’s better to avoid impulse moves and wait until your brain has a chance to see the bigger picture of concequences that could occur.

Tip 2 – Do Not Play Games

So many people recommend that you play games to win back an ex girlfriend, but that is nonsense! Playing games could cost you any future relationship that you could have had with an ex girlfriend.

For instance, if your decide to try to make your ex girlfriend jealous by touching another girl in front of her, then she may decide that you have moved on, and she deserves a guy that is into her only. Even if she had been considering getting back together with you, that simple sight of you touching another girl may be enough to cause her to change her mind.

Playing games always screws up the situation even more. Therefore, avoid games at all costs and approach the situation on a mature level.

Tip 3 – Do Not Cut Her Out Of Your Life

It may be tempting to remove her from your friend list on Facebook or avoid her at all costs when you are out to give her some space. But if you do that, then you will give her a chance to let go of you for good.

Time and distance are the way to heal a broken heart and move on, not keep the love going strong. While some space is needed, cutting all contact with your ex girlfriend for a while is not the answer to get her back.

Tip 4 – Do Not Try To Get Her Back Quickly

You broke up for a reason. If you want to have a healthy relationship when you get her back then that reason needs to be fixed before you can back together. For instance, if you broke up with her because the communication sucked, then you have to work on your communication skills before you get back together. This will ensure that communication will not be an issue anymore, which of course will mean that a healthy relationship will be more likely to happen.

Tip 5 – Show Her That You Still Care

This doesn’t mean that you should confess your love to her, but you should still show her that you care about her and that the love-bond that you had between you has not been broken.

If you pretend that you don’t care about her, then she may want to avoid rejection from you and find a way to move on from the relationship. So letting her know that you are still connected to her is important.

You can do this with simple gestures like smiling at her when you see her or letting her catch you when you stare at her or helping her out when she needs help. The simple things show you still care.

Tip 6 – Start Dating Your Ex Girlfriend Again

Once you have worked on the issues that cause you to separate, and you have released the negative and strong emotions that were caused by the breakup, you can start dating again. This is the time to rekindle that spark that you first felt with her.

You can ask her out to coffee, a movie, or dinner. And because you have a history together, you can ask her out to a place that meant something to the both of you (a positive place). This will add an element of remembered-happiness to the date and cause it to feel even better.

In the end, if you want to get your ex girlfriend back, then the above 6 tips will help you do it in a successful way. Avoid acting on impulse and playing games. Do not cut her out of your life, but do not try to get back together with her before you have fixed any previous issues. Show her that you still care and think about her. Then, when you feel ready, ask her out on a date. Chances of rekindling the relationship are good if you do this.

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