How to get back your ex girlfriend

by admin on October 24, 2011

How to get your ex girlfriend backTrying to reconcile with your girlfriend is difficult, and if you’re going to go about it, you should arm yourself with a bit of information first. However, it’s rare for men to ask advice and help, especially from other men, so most guys just go about it without preparing for all possible scenarios first. If you truly love your girlfriend though, surely you’d want to be successful on your first try to avoid more pain for both parties. If you want to make reconciliation as smooth and uncomplicated as possible, here are some tips on how to get back your ex girlfriend effectively.

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The trick on how to get back your ex girlfriend effectively is to not contact her after the breakup. This is a very crucial step and one you cannot do without. If you rush in and pester her, she’ll just find you annoying and pull away from you even more. She needs this time in order to think and reflect about not only your relationship, but also about herself. You can never proceed with getting back together if your ex is confused and emotional. By giving her the time and space she needs, she can recover quickly from the pain and emerge more rational and easier to communicate with when the time comes.

Your ex is not the only person who needs this time of silence – you do too. You can use this waiting period to learn more about how to get back your ex girlfriend effectively. During this time, you can reflect about the relationship and figure out where things went wrong. You should also determine how you contributed to the breakup and the mistakes you made, not only during the breakup, but during the course of your relationship. You may come to certain realizations that you couldn’t see before because you were complacent. Most people say losing the one you love can actually help you can perspective and see things in a new light.

After this no-contact period, you may even know exactly how to get back your ex girlfriend, but if you don’t, the safest way is to test the waters by sending her a letter to tell her how sorry you are and that you understand her decision to break up with you. Make sure you don’t mention plans for a reconciliation, though you can ask her if she’d want to meet up with you. Make it sound casual and friendly; make sure that the letter isn’t too emotional or she’ll see right through you.

If she does agree to meet with you, then you should make the best of it. The goal of the first meeting should not be reconciliation, but to clear the air between you two. During this meeting, you can also gauge how ready she is to get back together with you. If you sense she’s not ready, then just keep it casual and try again; if she is ready, you can try to set up more meetings with her. Gradually, you should be able to meet with her regularly. Make sure you don’t proceed to the next step if she’s not ready for it. The key on how to get back your ex girlfriend is patience – a lot of it.

How to get back your ex girlfriend from this point on is up to you. No two girls are alike – some may want you to court her again, while others want to become your friend and see how it goes from there. Once you and your ex are comfortable with talking about more emotional matters, then you can communicate to each other about your expectations and what your hopes are. Communication is important, not just when you’re in a relationship, but when you’re trying to reconcile as well.

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