How to Make Your Ex Want You Back

by admin on January 27, 2012

If you just got dumped and you you are wondering how to make your ex want you back, I’m going to tell you what you must do to make it happen.

It is certainly possible and it is a good chance that your ex want you back due to the fact there was a time when your ex loved you and there was a time you were happy together.

Changes are your ex isn’t over you yet and deep down she still likes you a lot. Obviously, there was something that went wrong in the relationship that leads to the break-up.

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Logic and Emotional cries doesn’t work

If you have already tried to tell your ex that you are a different person now, you still love then, you would do anything for her or your situation has chanced without any success at all, and nothing seems to work, you must come up with a plan. Hopefully it’ll give some of you a better idea of what your ex might be thinking and feeling – and why what you’ve tried simply hasn’t worked.

Using Logic isn’t the right way to make your ex want to come back. Usually, it doesn’t work to mention constantly to your ex how good times you had together, if you were dumped by your ex, he or she is probably not missing the good times with you currently.

When it comes to emotions, logic cant help you at all and not a good beginning to rekindle your relationship.

How to make your ex want you back is a psychology game!

It’s all to do with your mindset

If your ex just broke up with you, consistency is a very important psychological factor that come in to play. To begin with, you must show your ex that you are calm and consistent, no matter how hurt you feel right now.

Trust me, your ex will show consistency and hold on with their decision of dumping you. As soon as your ex notice you are in suffering and acting desperate by trying to persuade your ex to get back together, your ex will simply strengthen their defense and hold on to the decision of breaking up with you.

Just agree to the breakup at this moment and you will beat consistency. Most likely, your ex will not move on and jump to a new relationship immediately. Showing consistency is a tactic that reunited couples all over the world have used with a great results. It works!

Don’t worry, be happy!

As I mentioned earlier, feeling sorry for your self or showing her any signs that you are in deep pain is the worst thing you can do at this moment. Of course it’s normal to feel badly for few days, but as soon as you are ready, put on a big smile and act like you are completely high on life and you life couldn’t be better in any way.

I presume two of you have some mutual friends, if so, it wont take long until your ex will know how happy you are, and she will have a second guess and wonder of it really was the right choice to dump you.

Avoid contact with your ex

Another important thing to do is avoiding all contact with your ex. Don’t call her, don’t email her and not ask a friend how she is doing. Its very important you act like she has never existed in you life.

One thing I want to mention: You should not start dating other women. It’s absolutely fine to talk to women at a bar or somewhere else with a little flirting.

If your ex finds out through you mutual friends, it will make her envious and possible want you back, but if she finds out you are dating someone else, its change she thinks you have moved on, she might start dating as well.

Avoid going to places you know your ex would go to or hang out. Your ex might thing you are desperately trying to chase her or stay close to her.

It’s absolutely fine to visit nearby places, changes are your ex might see you are having a good time. Again, she might have second guess of breaking up with you, when she notice you are having so much fun.

What her curiosity does for you

If you are successful with everything I have mentioned earlier, your ex should already be confused why you are having so much fun and living your life of full without her.

She will also wonder why you haven’t call, e-mailing or text messaging her. I’m sure her former ex’s had done so.

At some point, she cant face curiosity anymore, she will ask the same question as you: How to make your ex want you back, she will contact you.

At the point she start contacting you, it’s important you act slowly and stay cool and relaxed. The chance to win her back is there. Impress her, show her how cool you are, it’s your turn to show her your best side.


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