How To Stop A Breakup

by admin on November 15, 2011

Make up with exBreakups can happen at any point in a relationship; they don’t always happen during fights and hardships. You may even be surprised when your girlfriend suddenly says she wants to breakup with you although everything seems to be okay and you two are happy together. To have the ability to stop a breakup, you must be observant, alert and diplomatic when it comes to fights. Below are some things you need to work out to make sure breakups don’t creep up on you suddenly.

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Take charge of arguments

While it takes equal amount of effort from both parties to stop a breakup, it is also an unwritten rule that in many situations, men must take the lead. You can help steer clear of fights that lead to breakups by taking charge during an argument. This doesn’t mean you insist that you’re the one who’s right, it simply means regulating how you argue over something so that things won’t go too far. Too often, what really gets a couple down is not what they originally fought about but how they fought about it. When you decide to take charge of an argument, you allow time for you and your partner to both air your sides maturely, then sincerely talk about what to do about it and get past it. This is the surest way for both of you to stop a breakup before it happens.

Don’t challenge her temper

It’s a fact that women are moody and if you want to stop a breakup from happening, you need to a combination of great timing and intuition. It’s important to know when it’s okay to argue with her, when to brush off her moods, and when her moods are a silent cry for attention. One thing you must never do though, is to match her agitation when she’s in a mood. It’s bad enough that one party is being emotional and unreasonable, if you join in the fray, it will definitely lead to a breakup-inducing fight.

Be Alert

Women are great at keeping secrets and sometimes, for the sake of the relationship, they forgive mistake and shrug off things that annoy her. However, it doesn’t mean she forgets about them, and it accumulates in her mind To stop a breakup from happening, you have to be on the lookout even on seemingly peaceful times. She might just be keeping it all inside. It requires a bit of getting used to and some trial and error, but you need to know the true meaning behind what she says. She may say “fine” when she’s really not, and say “I’m okay” even if something is bothering her. This may seem inconvenient for you, but this is something women do a lot.

At the start of every relationship, it is every man’s wish to make the woman they love happy, but as time passes, they also want to settle down into the relationship instead of feeling like they need to be kept on their toes all the time. However, a successful relationship will always require time and effort from both parties to continually make it worth and stop a breakup from destroying it.

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