How to Win Back a Girl

by admin on July 5, 2011

How to win back a girlLosing someone you love can be difficult, specially if you’ve been together for such a long time. However, the first things a guy does when a girl breaks up with him is to find out how to win back a girl.

It is only natural that you’d want her back in your life as soon as possible, but you must proceed with caution, as a mistake could push her even further away.

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Before you go wondering how to win back a girl who dumped you, make sure you know exactly what happened. By this, you must first reflect what went wrong in the relationship.

It is not important who is to blame, but mainly focus on the weak points of your relationship. Reflect whether the breakup is suddenly or try to see if it has been coming for a while now and you just didn’t see it.

If you want to win her back, you must convince her that changes will be made in the relationship. She won’t come back if she has to come back to the same thing and the same situation will just happen over and over again. Many girls won’t tell their exes what went wrong because they want their ex to figure things out for themselves.

It is virtually impossible to figure out how to win back a girl when you’re still emotional. So the second step is to get over getting dumped. You cannot start pursuing your ex while you’re still emotional and filled with hate and self-pity, because you will just end up smothering and pestering her with attention she doesn’t want.

You have to be rational specially when you do sit down and talk to her. Being emotional may lead you to blame her for the hurt you’re feeling, trying to make her feel guilty for leaving you, or getting her to pity you just so she’ll go back to you.

The third step in how to win back a girl is to slowly reintroduce yourself into her life after giving her space. You may send her an email or text out of the blue asking if maybe she’d like to have breakfast or coffee sometimes. Don’t be discouraged if she says no. She’s also hurting and she may not yet be okay with facing you.

If she rejects you, give it a bit of time, then try again. Avoid asking her too often as she’ll just find this annoying. Try to set the date up in a public and jolly place to put her at ease that no emotional confrontation will ensue.

The last and most crucial step in how to win back a girl is to keep your cool while you’re talking to her. Once she agrees to meet you, make sure you are ready because this will either make or break your relationship. Ask permission if it’s okay to talk about the breakup, as she may be put off if you just jump into the conversation suddenly.

It’s okay to tell her how you feel, but carry a confrontation tone in your voice. Tell her you still love her but you respect her decision. Make sure she knows you’re there for her always and that she has a home to come back to, so to speak.

An important thing in how to win back a girl is to not force anything, but to just lay your cards on the table and giving her the opportunity to make the decision whether to let it go, or to continue on with the relationship. When a girl sees you are giving up control to her, she’ll see how much you’ve matured and may get back together with you again.

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