How to win her back

by admin on July 23, 2011

How to win back a girlWhen it comes to getting dumped by their girlfriends, most guys don’t know how to win her back and there are certain keys to winning her back which must be followed.

Although a few guys just rush in unprepared and are able to pull it off, most end up losing their girlfriends forever because they do not take the time to devise a strategy in how to go about it.

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Different girls require different strategies, but all need 5 important key points that must be followed in order to be successful.

How to win her back – rule number 1

The first of many keys to winning her back is to play it cool. Giving your girlfriend space after the break up is the oldest rule in the book, but one only few are able to follow.

Pursuing her gives her control, and two things might happen: Either she might get so fed up she’ll hate you forever; or she’ll take revenge on you by milking the situation and finding ways to hurt you back.

Both options are not very pleasant and you should not contact your ex if you want to avoid this happening to you.

How to win her back – rule number 2

The second key is to avoid playing the blame game. Like most of the other keys to winning her back, a lot of guys find this hard to do when they’re emotional, so it’s best not to do this during the first few weeks after the breakup when the emotions are still raw.

The only thing you should do is take responsibility for the wrong things you have done while you were still in a relationship with her. Don’t talk to her about her faults, even if she was partly wrong as well; let her realize that on her own.

If you push the subject, she might get defensive and lash out at you and you’ll just end up fighting over who has done more wrong things.

How to win her back – rule number 3

The third key is to show her you’ve moved past the breakup, but you’re still available. This is one of the most helpful keys in winning her back, because while your ex may say she’s over you, she is silently always trying to gauge the situation and where she stands with you.

If you show her that you’re cool with the breakup and you respect her decision, she’ll be relieved she won’t have to deal with post-breakup bickering anymore. However, if you date other women just so you can recover or make her jealous, she’ll see you as off-limits and move on entirely.

How to win her back – rule number 4

One of the crucial keys to winning her back is to know exactly what you’re sorry for. Don’t say “Sorry for everything” because that just means you haven’t thought things through and are just saying sorry to get things over with. Be specific in what you’re apologizing and give situations where you wronged her.

How to win her back – rule number 5

The last of the 5 keys to winning her back is to take action. Sure, you should give her space for the first two weeks, but it is equally wrong to let things go and just believe that things weren’t meant to be. Many solid relationships have gone to waste just because the couple decided to let “fate” control their relationship.

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