Make Ex Girlfriend Jealous

by admin on July 6, 2011

Make ex girlfriend jealousThere are many ways by which a guy can try to get his ex-girlfriend back. But instead of stalking her, it might be better to make ex girlfriend jealous enough so that she’ll regret leaving you in the first place. Below are the top 5 ways to make her jealous so that she’ll come running back.

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Look great

Contrary to what people may think, making yourself more physically pleasing after the breakup is not only a technique that can be used on men, but on women as well. This is especially effective when someone compliments you on your new looks.

This is an effective way to make ex girlfriend jealous because secretly, women want men to pursue them after the breakup. To see you feeling better so soon will drive her crazy.

Achieve something good

To make ex girlfriend jealous, it is always a good idea to make good of something in your life. May it be getting your driver’s license, getting accepted into the college you want, or getting the job you’ve always coveted, it would make your ex jealous and regret that she’s not a part of your life anymore and therefore, can’t share this special moment with you.

Don’t be obvious

While dating other women may be the most obvious way to make ex girlfriend jealous, it is too obvious and can backfire at you. Sure, she may get jealous at first but one of two things can happen:

  1. She will realize it is a ploy to make her jealous, at which she will think you are such a jerk and will be happy that she got rid of you; or
  2. She will be overcome with so much jealousy that although she will feel regret at first, she will soon get angry and convince herself to move on and forget about you.

Don’t talk to her, but talk with mutual friends

Instead of trying to stalk her and beg for her to come back, create some distance between the two of you. So why should you talk to your mutual friends? Well, girls can easily assume that you’re not talking because you’re bitter and depressed, but nothing can make ex girlfriend jealous more than seeing you interact as if everything’s okay and showering people around you with attention while you’re giving her none. She’ll be jealous of the attention you give others because you’re singling her out as the only person you’re not talking to.

Pay more attention to girls

Although it’s not recommended that you go and get another girlfriend so soon, there’s nothing wrong with surrounding yourself with female friends. Do things for them that you would normally do for your ex girlfriend (bonus points if it’s a friend or even the best friend of your ex).

It can make ex girlfriend jealous to remember you doing that for her, and it would make her sad that you’re now doing these things for other people and not her.

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