Making a Relationship Work

by admin on October 24, 2011

Making a relationship workWhen a man is wooing a woman, it is like applying for a much-coveted job and he does what he can in order to win her over. However, when a man is already in a relationship, he tends to get complacent and doesn’t make an effort. Constant hard work and devotion are always needed in making a relationship work, regardless of how long it has been. If you’re having problems in your relationship but can’t quite put a finger on what the cause is, here are some pointers to help you out.

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You don’t argue anymore

Ironically, fighting is an important ingredient in making a relationship work. Though constant squabbles are unhealthy, fighting every now and then helps you learn more about how the other thinks and gives you opportunities to respect each other’s opinions. However, if you’ve been on a relationship for a long time now, fighting might seem really pointless to you. Instead of trying to talk things through with your girlfriend, you just give each other time to calm down, then it’s back to normal again. Sometimes, you may even just agree with her for the sake of not fighting. While this may seem like the most stress-free way to handle fights, it doesn’t guarantee that your relationship is strong. Sometimes bottled-up frustrations can arise and cause problems for your relationship in the long run. Also, communicating is important in making a relationship work, so reaching out to each other after fights can be your way of showing that you care enough to want things to be okay again. Also, sharing your ideas and opinions with each other can strengthen your relationship. After all, you can’t really know everything about a person just because you’ve spend years of your life together.

Rekindling the flame

While some couples do tend to settle down after years of being in a relationship, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something romantic every once in a while. A common observation women make is that during the initial stages of the relationship, men tend to make really romantic gestures in order to swoon them, but as the relationship wears on, these become rare occurrences and sometimes even totally disappear. Making a relationship work means keeping the love and passion alive. Aside from scheduling weekly dates and going on romantic vacations, something as simple as leaving a romantic note or calling her just to say you love her and you’re thinking about her can go a long way.

Be wary of the little things

When you’re in a relationship, you tend to put little grievances at the back of your head, because to you they seem minor and not worth bringing up. However, a lot of couples have broken up over the smallest of things like leaving the toilet up or their partner’s snoring. Little annoyances can build up over time and if you’re not too careful, one small thing can become the last straw and destroy your relationship altogether. Making a relationship work doesn’t only mean dealing with the important things, but taking notice of the small things as well.

Making a relationship work requires sacrifice, time and effort from both parties. While love brings two people together, no relationship can last on love alone. It needs trust, patience and respect so you two can withstand any trial that your relationship may go through.

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