My Girlfriend Dumped Me

by admin on July 3, 2011

My girlfriend dumped meWhen my girlfriend dumped me, it felt like a huge blow to my pride and at first I couldn’t believe it and I thought that she was just feeling taken for granted and wanted me to pursue her.

However, with each thing I tried, it just seemed like she was walking further and further away. That was when I knew it was for real and wasn’t just some ploy to get attention.

When I interrogated her friends, I found out I was dumped because she had simply lost interest and because we have been together for so long, nothing was exciting anymore. Losing interest in one’s partner is one of the main reasons most relationships just die out.

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One day the couple wakes up only to realize they’re not attracted to their partner anymore and they can’t seem to get excited about being in a relationship. If this happened to you, then I suggest you do the same thing I did when she dumped me: I tried to attract her back.

Don’t beg her to come back to you

That being said, the first rule of attracting back your ex is to not actively pursue and beg her to come back to you.

It is pathetic and will make you more unattractive to her. There is nothing sexy about a guy groveling at your feet, begging you to take pity on him and take him back.

When she dumps you, take the offense: put her things in a box and ship it out to her, change your Facebook status before she does, change your phone number and change your mailing address, if you’re moving out.

If you take the initiative, you’ll feel less rejected and it might make her a bit surprised at this sudden change, which can turn the tables a bit.

Gain back your mystery

Girls love a guy with mystery and if she dumped you because you were becoming too familiar, the answer to making yourself look more attractive to her is to gain back all that mystery you lost.

When my girlfriend dumped me, I started trying things that were outside my comfort zone.

Not only did it take my mind of things, but when she heard about my new interests, she became more curious about how I was doing.

If this happens and she contacts you just to know how you are, resist the urge to bombard her with stories. Keep your answers simple, short and vague.

Be casual but friendly

If you and your ex are ever at the same event, be casual but friendly. Don’t snob her, as this will tell her you harbor ill feelings towards her.

Talk to her and be friendly, but most of all, don’t focus on her alone; if it’s a party, mingle with the crowd and talk to other people.

Just because she dumped you doesn’t mean you’re unattractive or not charming, and I’m sure a few ladies at the same event will want to have your attention as well.

A little flirting around may make your ex-girlfriend jealous enough to want to be a part of your life again.

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