My Girlfriend is Jealous

by admin on July 4, 2011

My girlfriend is jealousMost guys will tell you that girls are very difficult to understand, specially when they’re jealous. What makes matters worse is that jealousy comes in different shapes and come out for different reasons.

If you love your girlfriend, but her jealous has gotten you saying “My girlfriend is jealous and I don’t know how to handle that”, below are some of the typical situations wherein girls are jealous and what you can do about it.

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My girlfriend is jealous because of beautiful women

It’s no secret; women know physical appearance is a priority with men and your girlfriend might be jealous of a woman she deems more attractive than her, even if you don’t know the woman personally.

Your girlfriend can end up being jealous of a girl you have a crush on, or even an actress you particularly like. Sometimes simply telling your girlfriend she looks pretty every now and then can work, but if you want something more, you can compliment your girlfriend while she’s not there.

If she stalks your Facebook or blog, you can openly express that you think your girlfriend is good-looking. While posting “My girlfriend is hot!” on your wall may be too obvious, it’s better if, for example, your friend posts a pic of a good-looking woman on his profile, a “my girlfriend is way hotter” comment can do wonders for your relationship.

My girlfriend is jealous of my gal friends

Your girlfriend’s jealousy towards your female friends may confuse you, specially if you don’t really find them attractive. In this situation, what your girlfriend is jealous about is not necessarily their looks (although they could get extra jealous if your gal pals are hot), but their emotional closeness to you.

This may not even be your fault, your girlfriend may just mind their sweetness towards you. Do they give you hugs and kiss you on the cheeks? Do you have terms of endearment? Do you text each other “i miss you” with kiss sounds? If yes, then maybe that’s the source of your girlfriend’s jealousy.

It may seem innocent to you, but if she doesn’t like it, consider setting some limits on how you interact with female friends.

My girlfriend is jealous when I spend time with my guy friends

You may think, “What? My girlfriend is jealous of guys?” Well, your girlfriend might just think you spend more time with your guy friends than with her and enjoy being with them more than you enjoy being with her.

To combat this, let her tag along once in a while and encourage her to make friends with your guy friends. If she sees that they’re nice, she won’t be threatened as much. Also, if your guy friends have girlfriends as well, then you can have them meet and maybe they can be friends too.

So that the next time you’re with your buddies, she can have people to go to who know exactly how she feels.

My girlfriend is jealous of almost everything without any reason

If you can’t seem to find a reason for this jealousy, and it happens all the time, she may have some issues. If you really love her and want to help her, talk to her about it. It can be something completely out of your control; she may be depressed because her life is going nowhere, or she may have unresolved issues that started with her parents.

For this, some tough love is needed; she should either seek professional help, or learn to overcome this because only she could help herself. If she agrees, she’s mature enough to be in a relationship but if she lashes out at you instead, then maybe it’s time to look somewhere else.

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