My girlfriend wants a break

by admin on July 4, 2011

My girlfriend wants a breakContrary to what people think, guys also go to relationship forums and share their sob stories in forums in search for someone who can give them answers. Most of the time, these guys ask “My girlfriend wants a break, what do I do?”

Sometimes it breaks my heart that some of the people who answer make fun of the guys and insult them. A lot of people just express their sadness and offer no real advice whatsoever.

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To be fair, there is no guaranteed way to go about this, but if there is one thing I can say to guys with “my girlfriend wants a break” problems, I’d say a break is not really the end.

When your girlfriend wants some space, she’s asking for a time-out, and doesn’t necessarily mean she wants to end your relationship. Maybe there are just too many things going on in her life and she can’t make sense of it all so she needs to take a step back and think about herself most of all.

There is really nothing to it except to risk going through the break. Many successful couples who have been together for most of their lives do take breaks every now and then, but they’re still together until now.

Whenever my girlfriend wants a break, I give it to her. Before I would be as scared as most guys probably are, but in time I realize that sometimes feelings are like computers too, and they need a good rebooting every now and then.

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You won’t necessarily lose her if you agree to a break. However, you may lose her if you try to hold on to her by not giving in to what she wants. If she’s tired, let her do what she wants so she can gain perspective on her life and when things are clearer to her, she’ll be happier and when she comes back to you, she may even be a better person than ever before.

If you try to stop her, she’ll either resent you and break up with you right then and there, or because she loves you, she’ll try to stay in the relationship. However, the second option will make things worse, because trust me, she’ll be very unhappy.

There are a lot of guys who, when asked why their relationship ended, say, “Well, it’s the usual my girlfriend wants a break but I didn’t let her” excuse. And if you make the mistake of using pity just so she’ll stay with you, it’s guaranteed that you’re gonna be one of those guys too.

Since she’s unhappy, she’ll start to withdraw little by little and maybe even start to harbor some resentment for forcing her to stay in the relationship. Even if you shower her with gifts and lots of attention, it would actually feel more suffocating for her than make her happy.

So how should you handle it when it happens to you? Accept it, because if you’re planning to stay for good, this whole “my girlfriend wants a break” scenario will happen more than once in a relationship. Instead of seeing this as a bad thing, think of it as an opportunity to also give yourself some much-needed “me” time.

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