No Contact After Breakup

by admin on July 14, 2011

Why women dump menGetting dumped can bring on one of life’s most complicated emotional roller coasters for both men and women.

However, you can avoid all that emotional stress and pain if you follow the “No contact after breakup” rule.

Following this rule can save you from so much hurt and in the end, may even help you reconnect and get back together with your ex.

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After you get dumped, your mind is filled with so many questions: Where did you go wrong? Is this for real? Is there a way to get back together?

Your heart will be filled with so much pain that you only want to get rid of it by trying to get back together so you can continue with the happy times.

However, this may lead to more hurt and pain for both parties, especially if your partner needs space. Pleading, crying, begging and even threatening your ex can end up in you getting rejected repeatedly, thereby increasing the pain tenfold.

By following the “no contact after breakup” rule, you avoid this pitfall. So what should you do instead? Allow yourself to mourn and be sad, but resist the urge to pursue your ex.

You can examine what went wrong with the relationship on your own and why your ex felt it necessary to break up with you.

No contact after breakup can be very difficult during the first few days is going to be difficult, but it is important to stick with it. If you pursue your ex, you risk driving him/her further away.

If you resist the urge to contact your ex, you make yourself stronger each time and eventually it will become easier until you find yourself looking at things from a more logical point of view as opposed to just being emotional all the time.

Giving your ex space by having no contact after breakup will give them the space they need. They can heal from whatever hurt them enough to leave you and some even decide to get back together without any prodding.

Remember, you’re not the only one hurting; your ex is too. To give him/her space gives them the idea you respect them and their decision, making you look more mature in their eyes.Once they recover from the pain they feel, they might even contact you and try to reconcile.

While having no contact after breakup for a week or two can end up in an easy reconciliation, there’s a chance that your ex is dead serious with wanting to break up with you and feel getting back together is not an option.

If this is the case, if you contact and pursue them, you are giving them control of the situation. If they are mad at you, they might even milk the situation for revenge. By not contacting them, you gain some sort of control and gives you some self-respect and dignity.

Just because you are told “no contact after breakup”, it doesn’t mean you can’t contact your ex forever. Once you have recovered from the pain, you can try to make it up to your ex, without necessarily wanting them back.

Once you are talking and are civil to each other, who knows? A reconciliation might be in the near future.

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