Jason Hicks’ Second Chance Romance Review

by admin on July 23, 2011

Second Change Romance ReviewFor as long as anyone can remember, maintaining a relationship is all about hit-or-miss. While there are people who are just lucky and get it right the first time, the rest of the world struggle to maintain a relationship and keep it above the point where one partner decides to call it quits. However, with Jason Hick’s “Second Chance Romance” we are introduced to the possibility that we can gain control in our relationship and not have to worry about our partners leaving us if we use certain neurolinguistic signals. But how accurate is this? Read this Second Chance Romance review to find out.

We start of this Second Chance Romance review with a brief overlook of what neurolinguistic programming is. Neurolinguistic programming is the system by which people operate on in accordance to what people say to them and how they say it. Through this programming, you can get the desired reaction that you want if you choose what words to say carefully and if you choose the correct tone to go along with it. This is the concept behind hypnosis and it can be said that some techniques in the book actually border on hypnosis and mind control.

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The techniques in the book include old advice that has been going around for ages, except it is made more effective through neurolinguistic programming. It shows readers how to apologize to their ex in such a way that it will provoke the ex to have second thoughts about leaving. In fact, many of the techniques written in the book are designed to make your ex constantly second guess his/her decision to leave you until these thoughts overwhelm them and they decide that what they did was wrong. According to one Second Chance Romance review made by a person who has tried the techniques out first-hand, you may even be able to get your ex back just by using one technique.

It is important to mention in this Second Chance Romance review that though the techniques are effective, they are a bit on the manipulating side. The power to somewhat control a person’s mind through the things you say can be quite difficult to grasp, and it is a power that is easy to abuse. These techniques were designed to help you gain your ex back and not to play around with their emotions or make things difficult for them. That being said, if your intentions towards your ex is pure, then this book would be great for you.

Though the book’s price is a bit costly, it is understandable as its contents are innovative and more advanced than your run-of-the-mill relationship books. Also, it comes with a 2 month money back guarantee. Two months is a long enough time frame for you to try out the techniques on the book, and if for some reason it doesn’t work out, you can return the book and get your money back, which makes the deal practically risk-free for you.

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