She Dumped Me

by admin on July 14, 2011

Why women dump menGetting dumped is one of the worst feelings in the world – anyone who’s been through a breakup will tell you that. When she dumped me, I felt like the whole world collapsed around me.

However, instead of just moping and feeling bad about myself, I realized that this breakup has taught me a lot about myself and about relationships. Here are the top 5 lessons that I would like to share to you.

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Little things are important too

Because of all the big problems that our relationship has successfully overcome, I was surprised she dumped me for something that seemed so shallow and insignificant.

This doesn’t mean you should sweat about the small things, it just means that something that’s insignificant to you might mean the world to her.

Also, if she’s been holding a grudge for a long time, a small thing can become the last straw and make her leave.

You are not a bad person

When she dumped me, I went through the notions of self-pity and feeling inadequate. However, once I’ve moved on, I realized that although I have made some mistakes in the relationship, I am not a bad person, nor am I inadequate. Just because you two broke up, it doesn’t mean something’s wrong with you, it just means you’re not compatible and not right for each other.

It doesn’t matter whose fault it is

I was so mad when she dumped me that I wanted to blame her for everything; but after careful consideration, I realized we were both responsible. In the end, it doesn’t matter who was at fault, if you take responsibility for your side of things, the quicker it will be for you to move on.

Taking responsibility also prevents you from holding grudges, and helps if you want to be civil with your ex, or even be friends with her in the future.

You will always love again

Although I didn’t swear off relationships forever when she dump me, I know a lot of guys do. When your girlfriend leaves you, it’s easy to say you’ll never find someone else, or you don’t want to fall in love again. Being in love is a part of life and unless the breakup was really traumatic, you will love again.

Now you might be saying “but she’s the only girl for me”, but one day you’ll meet someone new and you’ll forget about everything you said.

Breakups are great opportunities to better yourself

Breakups hurt, not only because you lose the person you love, but because rejection can make guys lose their self esteem. When she dumped me, my pride took a huge hit, but once I moved on, I realized this was an opportunity to focus on myself.

Since you have more free time, take some time to enjoy yourself and maybe even achieve some goals. Not only will it make you forget about the hurt, but it will also make you a better for the person for your future relationships.

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