Why Women Dump Men – The Top 5 Reasons!

by admin on July 3, 2011

Why women dump menWhen a guy gets dumped, the first question he asks is, “Why?”. There may be a lo of specific reasons why women dump men, but they can all be grouped in five major categories. Here is a rundown of the top 5 reasons why women dump men so you can avoid making a mistake and risk losing her forever.

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The first reason is trust issues

It doesn’t matter whether a man has done something to warrant the distrust of a woman; if your relationship has come to a point wherein she doesn’t trust you anymore, then the end may be near.

Though infidelity is one of the main reasons why women dump men, cheating is not the only sin that falls under this category. Even if you did not cheat, and even if you are not flirting around, your relationship might still be in trouble if there are girls flirting with you on a regular basis.

To you it may come off as innocent, and honestly, even if you do just enjoy the attention, it can eat away at your girlfriend’s self esteem and make her jealous. Jealousy can bring out so much emotional distress in a woman until she decides she has had enough and you are not worth worrying over.

The second reason is the man cannot be depended on

Even in these modern days, women still want some sort of a knight in shining armor to come into their lives, so another reason why women dump men is because they may be someone they just can’t depend on.

Guys who fall under this category are guys who don’t keep their promises and don’t do their share of the work. Women have mother instincts, but if you are a lazy bum she needs to constantly look out for, she may decide you’re just a boy and go searching for a real man.

The third reason is they’re broke most of the time

Money is another reason why women dump men. This does not mean that women are materialistic. If you’re jobless, or have a job but constantly lose money from overspending or buying useless things, she may think that you’re not a very practical man.

Although some women may hate to admit it, they would love to settle down one day and have a family, and if your current situation is any indication, she will get the signal that you won’t be a good provider for the family.

The forth reason is they don’t have any plans for the future

Women love planning, and some spend an enormous amount of time daydreaming about what the future can be like. It is then a problem when they realize they don’t know what part you’ll play in their future. Maybe because you’re just a bum who lives with his mom and spends the entire day watching TV and playing video games.

If you don’t have any plans for your future don’t be surprised if you lose her, because another reason why women dump men is when they can tell that they’ll just have a bleak future if they stay with them.

The fifth reason why women dump men is he is a control freak

Women actually love it when men make decisions for them once in a while, or meddle in their life because they care. But if it’s on a regular basis, and when a woman can’t make a decision without the man interfering, it can get very suffocating.

Like guys, women want their space and their ability to make decisions for themselves, whether it’s their choice in friends, clothes to wear,  jobs and hobbies. The man being too possessive and controlling is the last main reason why women dump men.

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