Why Won’t She Love Me

by admin on October 24, 2011

Why wont she love meMen cry out “why won’t she love me” due to a number of reasons. He may either be chasing a girl who won’t accept his affections or wooing an ex-girlfriend who won’t take him back. Whatever the reason is, rejection is a very frustrating feeling, especially if it happens over and over again. If after all the hard work you’ve put into it, she still won’t budge, here are a number of reasons why your attempts have resulted in failure.

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You lack the confidence

If you find yourself wondering, “why won’t she love me, but she’s in love with that good for nothing jerk down the street”, there may be something about that jerk that draws her to him. Usually, women tend to go for the bad boys and guys who turn out to be not-so-nice because they are attracted the guy’s strong personality. Women love men who seem to have a grip on their life, who is in control and who has his own defined way of thinking. If you can’t seem to get the girl you love to love you back, it may be because you are too self-conscious or meek when you approach her. When a guy is confident, it tells a woman that he thinks he is deserving of her love and that sparks her interest.

You’re not her type

It’s cliché, but women do look for something in a potential boyfriend, be it similar interests or a particular physical feature. If you do love her and you want to stop whining “why won’t she love me” over and over again, you can try getting to know her and immersing yourself in things that she likes. However, you should also do this for yourself instead of simply being for her. Changing yourself entirely just to get a woman to like you will just make things more complicated in the long run.

She’s just playing around

If you have done everything you should and you two have similar interests, but you’re still saying “why won’t she love me?”, the problem may lie with her and not you. Some girls just love the attention they get from suitors and although they have no intention of every returning their love, they try to make the guys hold on so they won’t lose the special treatment they’re getting from guys. It doesn’t matter if she’s really beautiful, chasing after a girl like this will only end in heartbreak.

She’s waiting for someone else

If she’s already in love with someone else and for one reason or another is either pining for him or waiting for him to love her, then the answer to the question “why won’t she love me” is simply because she’s in love with someone else. She doesn’t have to be in a relationship to feel strongly about a guy and if her heart already belongs to another, it’s gonna be difficult to win her over.

If you still spend restless nights wondering, “why won’t she love me?”, then maybe you should concentrate on making improvements on yourself so that you’ll be more attractive to women. This means being conscious about how you carry yourself, your hygiene and your charisma. If nothing works, then you could try setting sights on somewhere else. It would be a shame if you were unable to meet the girl of your dreams because you were chasing after someone else.

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