Win Back Her Heart With These 4 Secrets

by admin on July 3, 2011

Win back her heartRelationships are difficult; and when it ends, it is even more difficult to try to win back her heart. The feeling of getting dumped is painful, and if she doesn’t want to get back together no matter how hard you try, the pain doubles and it can really do a lot of damage to a guy’s self esteem.

While trying to get your ex-girlfriend back is not an exact science, there are some things that you can do to increase your chances of winner her back.

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Don’t try to hard to win back her heart

The biggest mistake guys do when they are trying to win back her heart is that they try too hard. Sure, women love attention, they love being showered with gifts and they want to feel loved. But obviously, they wanted those things when you were still in a relationship and not after the relationship is over.

If your girlfriend ended the relationship because she felt taken for granted, she might choose not to get back together with you even if she wanted to because you’re giving her more attention now that you’re broken up compared to when you were still together.

She might enjoy this post break-up attention and choose this over the possibility of you taking her for granted again if she gave you a second chance.

Create distance – make her wonder

Creating a bit of distance is not bad, even if you started the post break-up period by pursuing her. If chasing after her doesn’t win back her heart, not contacting her would make her wonder what’s happening with you.

This is a very difficult feat to accomplish, specially when all you want to do is talk to her, but you have to persevere if you want to win her back. If you cut off all communication with her, at first she’ll be relieved that you’re no longer annoying her. Later on though, she will start to miss you and wonder why you’re not pursuing her.

She may even wonder if you’re getting over her already. Some girls, during this time, even start reaching out again and after a week or two of silence, don’t be surprised if she’s actually the one trying to get in touch with you.

What if she doesn’t contact you?

If she doesn’t contact you, she may be tougher than she looks. If this is the case, keeping an air of mystery around you will help win back her heart. While maintaining your distance, try texting or emailing her every now and then when something important comes up, like if one of her family members has a birthday, just text her to relay your greetings, or if she’s trying out something (taking an exam, learning to drive, trying out a new hobby) text her to say good luck.

But don’t engage in a conversation with her. You may want to ask how she’s doing, but keep the conversation short. If you text her rarely, she may actually start anticipating the next time you’re gonna text her.

Take responsibility for the things you did wrong

If she ever brings up the break-up, or wants the two of you to talk about it, keep your cool and man up. To win back her heart, take responsibility for the things you did wrong and tell her that you understand. Avoid being too emotional, specially if she starts to count off all the things you did wrong.

It is actually better that she’s dumping her anger out on you because once she gets that off her chest, she’ll feel a lot better. And if she sees that you’re taking it maturely, she might just change her opinion about you.

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